Top 3 natural skin care product

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Top 3 natural skin care product

The human skin is most abused in today‚Äôs day and age. With a highly stressed life, pollution and vagaries of nature the skin tends to lose its natural sheen and luster more easily. Taking care of the skin has become much easier now with natural skin care products that are easy to  use. Fresh, natural cosmetics are a gift from Ayurveda  that keep the skin healthy and younger looking.

The natural skin care products not only help to keep the skin healthy but keep it disease free, looking youthful and making it an effective protective layer as well. The glow of the skin not only makes one feel youthful but increases the confidence as well.

Ancient formulation of herbs and clays are blended to make the top of the range skin care products. Bath and shower gels are made from all fresh, natural ingredients which makes bathing a refreshing ritual. The fragrant bath and shower gel rejuvenate the mind, thereby refreshing the mind and cleansing the body as well.

With the current popularity for natural ingredients for cosmetic use, leading manufacturers like Sadatan are devising formulations from the gift of Ayurveda which is an ancient Indian tradition. Face scrubs and masks have gained popularity not only for the ease of use but for the beneficial effects that are immediately visible.

Last but not the least is a natural cosmetics from Sadatan are herb based cosmetics. The gift of ayurveda is effectively used to create skin care products using pomegranate that works as and antioxidant while saffron is know to have skin toning properties.


A youthful glowing skin that is achieved easily with all natural , fresh cosmetics has made life much easier for one and all. The products are formulated and manufactured with precision that makes Sadatan the creators of top natural skin care products which can be right called the Gift to ayurveda rather than the gift of ayurveda.